IsraSuites offers many services to give you peace of mind while you are away. We will make sure your home is safe and secure, clean and ready, for your next visit. Our basic management package includes:

  • Routine inspection of the property and its premises: We will make routine visits inside your home as well as in the common areas surrounding the property such as gardens, garage, and building common areas.

  • Inspection of electrical and sanitary installations: We will check appliances, toilets and wiring. We will look for potential leaks and water damage.

  • Mail pick up and Bills Payment: We will pick up your mail, check your mailbox for unwanted flyers and pay the bills.

  • Cleaning: We will clean your property just in time for your arrival, make sure the bedding is changed, the A/C is on and your towels are clean. We will offer the same service upon your departure, assuring that the property is clean.

  • Monthly update of activities: We will mail you a detailed report with recorded documentation of all the activities performed on your property in the last 30 days. You will get a very detailed update on the number of times your property was checked as well as a complete summary of the bills and payments carried out during the past month.


IsraSuites has a team of professional subcontractors who if needed will handle all repairs to your property. All are reliable professionals and we guarantee that the job will be perfectly executed.


Some of our repairs and maintenance professionals include:

  • Handymen

  • Air conditioner and heating specialists (HVAC)

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Carpenters

  • Painters


IsraSuites is here to assist you with your construction and renovation projects. We are your eyes and ears while you are thousands of miles away. With our experience of building in Israel single family homes, gutting and renovating apartments in Jerusalemm, we will follow up on your construction progress daily to make sure things are done properly. We will send you a detailed report along with pictures. You will be able to stay on top of your project while being overseas.


IsraSuites is here for you whether you rented your apartment or just have visitors using your home, we are here to take care of everything you may need while you are away. We will welcome your guests upon their arrival, walk the property with them and just make sure they are welcome and comfortably settled in, and of course we are always available to answer any of their questions.


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