Taking care of your property while you're abroad; overseeing renovations and management of the short/long-term rental of your property.

Our full range of services will ensure that buying or selling your home in Israel is a pleasant, care-free experience.

Stunning apartments available in the beautiful Talbieh and Rechavia neighborhoods.

"IsraSuites is a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs in Israel. Owned and managed by Naftali Hammer, IsraSuites was founded in 2008 as a property investment firm and has since grown to offer a full-range of property-related services."

Naftali Hammer

Prior to making Aliyah from the US, shortly after becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and working in a large public accounting firm, Naftali began to buy and flip Real Estate contracts, developing properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan and ultimately selling them as cooperatives. 

One of Naftali's larger ventures was a deal involving the purchase of three nursing homes and one assisted living facility, which he proceeded to manage for three years post-acquisition, improving the bottom line and ultimately selling them as a chain to a major operator in the US. 


In August 2000, along with his wife Esther and their three boys ,Naftali and family came on Aliya and began their new life in Israel, allowing them to fulfill their lifelong dream of building their own home in Israel. 


In 2001, Naftali became the Managing Director and took charge of business development and sales of a cellular telecommunication rental company in Israel in which he had ownership for 15 years.


In 2008, feeling very much at home and settled, Naftali started IsraSuites and began investing in apartments in Jerusalem.

Having dealt with the numerous headaches involved in the management of his own apartments, Naftali knows full-well how important it is to put your home in the hands of someone who is both trust-worthy and familiar with the market in Israel.

To that extent, having attained a brokerage license in Israel, Naftali has been providing property management and buy/sell brokerage services for almost a decade and is ready to provide you with any property-related services you may require.


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